The Why Behind the Postpartum Core Comeback Program

What's included?

8 Weeks of Exercises

There are 8 weeks of postpartum exercises. There are 4 days of exercises each week. As a new mom, time may be lacking. These work outs are designed to be quick and simple.

Exercise Videos

Each exercise has a video that explains the movement and how to perform it safely and effectively. These videos are found on our exclusive Facebook support page.

Exercise Tracker

This is unique to the Postpartum Core Comeback Program. Use this Exercise Tracker to not only see your progress throughout doing the program, but also journal gratitude and affirmations!

This program has helped me feel confident getting back into the gym after having a baby! The exercise videos are so helpful and gave me the reassurance that I was doing the exercises correctly and safely.

Jessica F.

These workouts don't take too much time, which was really important to me with a new baby. Even though they were short, I still felt challenged!

Sarah M.

As a postpartum fitness instructor, I couldn't recommend this program more! It has safe and efficient movements, with multiple progressions for moms in any part of their postpartum journey.

Kara T.